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The Mundus collection

“A bold and powerful collection”

Elegance, refinement, ornament, terrestrial but also infernal world are the multiple possible translations for the Latin word Mundus, which perfectly embodies these jewels, both powerful and delicate. Each piece of jewelry is designed as a sculpture that can be worn in different ways: necklace, cuff or ring. The chosen gemstones give these creations their own identity, sometimes unique : black spinel, blue topaz, ametrine, smoky quartz, rhodolite or spessartite garnet, peridot… The singularity of the Mundus collection is to be mechanical both in its aesthetics and in its construction. The designer imagined a system of custom-made screws, stamped with the ‘C’, emblem of the brand. Each jewel has 4 screws allowing it to be associated with a cord, a cuff or a ring. These elements are custom-made by Parisian craftsmen: Maison Verrier for the silk cords and Maison Poursin for the buckles that are used to adjust the cord at the right size. Aluminium’s lightness allowed Charlotte Romer to create sculptural and oversized jewels and yet easy to wear.