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The Mirus collection

“Wonders of Nature and Wonders of Technology”

An assembly of fine and precious gemstones delicately is delicately placed on these aluminium cuffs, the result of very precise mechanical folding. Microblasted and then hand-polished in Charlotte Romer’s Parisian workshop, these seemingly simple jewels slip easily onto bare arms in summer or long sleeves in winter. Each gemstone is selected for its colour and brilliance. The centre stones are cut to size by a French stone-cutter, according to the plans of the designer, who has a strong penchant for the so-called “rose” cut. This cut was invented for diamonds as early as the 15th Century, somewhat forgotten in the 19th Century, and has been revived in recent years by jewellers. This cut makes it possible to create extra-flat cuffs that are pleasant to wear, while highlighting the brilliant facets of coloured gems. The metal is not left out, anodised, it presents powerful and luminous colours, red, blue, black…